The World Urban Campaign is the partners’ platform for Habitat III, the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development. In 2016, Habitat III will assess the state of our cities and propose solutions.

The goal of the World Urban Campaign is to place the urban agenda at the highest level in development policies. While cities are at the heart of today’s global crisis, they are also the source of solutions for a sustainable future. The purpose of National Urban Campaigns is to rally all Habitat Agenda Partners around the same cause: making cities livable places for a sustainable future. Campaigns are meant to catalyze the engagement of all partners with the potential to articulate pressing urban issues, to propose solutions, and commit to shared goals and actions towards Habitat III.

Urban Campaigns should help convince, rally, and engage all partners towards Habitat III by:

  • Sharing solutions and inspiring change for a sustainable urban development.
  • Convincing public, private, and social sectors that investing in creative, resilient, and sustainable cities and communities is essential to the shared future.
  • Rallying all partners around the same cause of better city, better life.
  • Engaging all partners to become active ‘City Changers’ and to commit to shared goals and actions at Habitat III.