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Urban Mobility

Title of the Session

Urban Mobility

Time and Venue

14 June 2015, Marriott Hotel Zamalek – 2:30pm – 4:00pm


Egyptians face urban mobility challenges every day. One key element is that the urban transport sector is fragmented which in turns leads to an inefficient and poor quality system. The World Bank has looked at the necessary institutional structure to move towards an integrated system, and has released a discussion paper “Strengthening the Institutional Architecture for the Management of Urban Transport in Greater Cairo.” While the focus on the discussion paper is Cairo, many of the issues apply to the nationwide context. The overall goal of this session is to look at how cities in Egypt can move towards integrated transportation systems and the necessary institutional reforms to do so. The aim of the session to bring forth and highlight the main issues in urban transportation today. The session will begin by addressing the challenges of the urban transport sector, and the move to possible innovations. It will further discuss the necessary institutional reform for a modern, efficient transport system to be in place. In addition, the session will mainstream the discussion of how these issues effect people with disabilities.

The aim of the Panel is to discuss:

  • The future of public transportation in Egypt.
  • How the different transportation systems can integrate.
  • How to promote non-motorized transportation drawing on local and international experience.
  • The potential innovations that can be adapted.
  • The environmental considerations related to transport.


Dr. Hamed Mobarek, Transportation and Traffic Specialist


Eng. Samy Abozeid, Head of Infrastructure Department, General Organization of Physical Planning

Dr. Tarek Rakha, Assistant Professor of Architecture / CoE Faculty Research Fellow, Syracuse University / Syracuse Center of Excellence (CoE)

Mr. Khaled Hanafy Gomaa, Accessibility and Technology Empowerment Manager, National Council for Disability Affairs (NCDA)

Eng. Ayman Sheta, General Manager, Ministry of Environment

Mr. O.P. Argarwal, ‎Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank