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State of Knowledge of the Housing Sector and Markets

Title of the Session

State of Knowledge of the Housing Sector and Markets

Time and Venue

14 June 2015, Marriott Hotel Zamalek – 2:30 pm-4:00 pm


The Egyptian housing market has been characterized as being dynamic and resilient, yet there are several challenges facing the housing market. Most importantly are the high number of vacancies, speculation and real estate bubbles, and a problematic rental market. However, one very basic problem is accurate knowledge on housing data and information in Egypt. Therefore, this session explores what we know about the housing stock including informal housing, interests and behaviour of key actors, and discusses possible policy options to common problems of the Egyptian housing market.

The aim of the Panel is to discuss:

  • Egypt Housing Profile: A first step in consolidating the knowledge base?
  • Market behavior and gaps in knowledge? How to improve sector information?
  • Existing housing stock: How to reduce the high level of vacancies?
  • Rental markets: How to meet demand and improve market functioning?
  • Do we have accurate info on informal housing?


Dr. David Sims, Economist and Urban Planner

Prof. Abu Zeid Rageh, Board Member, The Supreme Council for Planning and Urban Development

Eng. Hussein El Gebaly, Advisor to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities

Eng. Hesham Gohar, Manager Information Center and Decision Support, Ministry of State of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements


Dr. Ihab Shaalan, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Ain Shams University