Purpose of preparatory meetings

Over the past month, several preparatory meetings were held in the lead up to the first Egypt Urban Forum (EUF). The purpose of the preparatory meetings was twofold: (1) to raise awareness about the first EUF across Egypt and ensure the participation of a wide range of stakeholders in the urban development sector and (2) to incorporate the topics discussed at the preparatory meetings in the EUF sessions and overall program.

UN Habitat and Dr. Laila Iskander

Where: Ministry of State of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements

When: May 31, 2015

Participants: UN Habitat and Dr. Laila Iskander, Minister of State of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements and her team discussing the first Egypt Urban Forum program.

Alexandria Regional Meeting

Where: Delegates Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

When: May 20, 2015

Participants: 114 attendees of Alexandria, Bahira, Gharbia, Monofeya, Qalubiyya, Cairo, Matrouh, and Kafr Al Sheikh governorates, representing different stakeholders, local authorities, NGOs, youth-based initiatives, private sector, holding companies and research institutions.

Red Sea Regional Meeting

Governorates Included: Red Sea, North Sinai, and South Sinai

Where: Al-Ghardaqa, Red Sea Governorate Building

When: May 12, 2015

Participants: Approximately 85 representatives of local authorities, civil society organizations and local media

Women and Youth Preparatory Meeting

Where: The National Council of Women

When: May 5, 2015

Participants: Approximately 25 representatives of women organizations and youth initiatives and political parties.

Public Agencies Preparatory Meeting

Where: the National Center for Construction and Housing Research

When: April 30, 2015

Participants: Approximately 35 representatives of Ministries, Public agencies and authorities Such as, Ministry of Local Development, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, and Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy

The second thematic meeting  was held on April 30,2015 on the premises of the Building and Housing National  Research Center. The meeting brought together representatives of ministries and government agencies concerned with either provision of services to urban areas or providing data on such services. The invitations were sent to    officials   but those who came were 34 from  the following  eleven ministries and  seven government agencies.

Giza Regional Meeting

Governorates Included: Giza, Beni Suif, Minya, and Fayoum

Where: Giza Governorate Building

When: April 23, 2015

Participants: Approximately 45 representatives of local authorities, civil society organizations and local media

On the invitation of both UN Habitat Cairo Office and Partners in Development for Research, Consulting and Training, the first regional meeting in preparation for the convening of the first Egypt’s National Urban Forum was held at the Executive Council’s room. The meeting started at 11.00 am and was attended by 46 participants from governorates of North Upper Egypt which included the four governorates of Guiza, Beni Sweif,  Minya and Fayyoum.

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