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New Cities

Title of the Session

New Cities

Time and Venue

16 June 2015, Marriott Hotel Zamalek – 9:00 pm-10:30 pm


The Egyptian New Urban Communities development experience began in the mid-1970s as part of a general strategy to address the complex urban challenges facing Egypt. Within the current global efforts to achieve future sustainable urbanization, Egypt is aligning its new cities’ development strategies to effectively achieve its original development objectives. This session discusses the issue of land management, as well as how international experiences in planning and managing new cities.

The aim of the Panel is to discuss:

  • The best use and opportunities of available land in the desert.
  • Is there a model for new cities?
  • Possible innovative management approaches within current NUCA codes
  • Achieving sustainable cities and the major challenges of resilience, energy efficiency, resource management and local identity of our new cities.
  • What are the relevant international principals that can be applied in new cities?
  • How can we prevent informality from spreading in new cities?


Dr. Hany Ayad – Professor of Urban Planning, Alexandria University


Eng. Kamal Fahmy – Deputy Chief for Urban Development and City Upgrading, New Urban Communities Authority

Eng. Ragaa Foaad – Supervisor of Planning and Projects Unit, New Urban Communities Authority

Dr. David Shaw – Professor of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool

Dr. Sahar Attia – Head of the Department of Architecture, Cairo University

Eng. Manal Shaheen – Manager for Northern Governorates and Greater Cairo NGOs, Ministry of State of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements