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Metropolitan Governance

Title of the Session

Metropolitan Governance

Time and Venue

16 June 2015, Marriott Hotel Zamalek – 11:00 am-12:30 pm


The emergence of metropolises and megacities has been fueling the debate around the management and governance of these new types of urban agglomerations. Metropolises and megacities in the developing world has grown to their current size as a result of invasions of vacant land through unplanned urbanization processes; this has led to lesser independence on state institutions and more reliance on grassroots organizations in the provision of key basic services. Similarly, the private sector role has evolved substantively to direct and shape urban development as they systematically gain power given the weakness of subnational government and their limited financial resources. In the Greater Cairo region, more than 66% of the population are currently residing in informal areas, yet the region contributes to about 40% of Egypt’s GDP. In addition, the region is a destination for major foreign direct investments and multinational corporate, public and private services and recreational activities. This session explores the current context of governance in Greater Cairo and the current mechanisms of cooperation and interaction between the three governorates forming the region, as well as between the subnational government and non-state actors.

The aim of the Panel is to discuss:

  • To what extent do the three governorates forming Greater Cairo region and the different subsequent local administrative units engage with each other?
  • Do the current metropolitan governance arrangements contribute – or not – to equity, accountability and participation?
  • How and why does a metropolitan region work – or not? In other words: how can (good) metropolitan governance be operationalized?
  • Which practical recommendations could be made to improve the main dimensions of good urban governance at a metropolitan scale?
  • How can development partners support and facilitate the implementation of practical metropolitan governance arrangements?


Dr. Khaled Zakaria, Governor of Giza

Dr. Mahmoud Sherif, Ex-Minister of Local Development and Ex-Governor of Cairo

Mr. Ahmed Hassan, Save Alex Initiative

Mr. Ramy Yasser, Mahaliat Initiative

Dr. David Sims, Economist and Urban Planner


Dr. Mohamed Nada, Program Manager and Advisor on Decentralization, Urban Policies, Governance and Legislations Program, UN-Habitat Egypt